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About Showtime Audio

Media design, installation, on-going support and services for lifestyle electronics in your home or business.
Our success is your continued satisfaction, today and for years to come.

We provide you the latest in entertainment electronics, such:

• LED Displays in every size.
• DLP Projectors.
• State-of-the-art audio for theater and house music.
• High definition access from your community and around the world.
• Structured wiring design & installation for today´s technology and the technologies of tomorrow.
• Clean and simple integration for automated control of:

  • Lighting, intuitive scenes that change with your lifestyle and add security, both in or around your home.
  • Climate, surveillance, irrigation, window treatment.
  • Whole house audio and video distribution for independent or whole house entertainment and any other
    day-to-day electronic routine that benefits your family´s lifestyle and security.


Home Theater is a term used to describe a wide-range of systems and installations, but Showtime is comprised to superior equipment and solid installations.

We do not just find your answer but focus on understanding your questions. Showtime wants you to have the technology that meets today´s advancements with tomorrow´s changes.

We have a focus on performance within your environment and install equipment that you may not have seen in other stores.

While working with our clients we take many things into consideration: room design, construction, acoustic treatment and system set up. We press forward with technology and take pride in our installation.

Showtime will help you to get most enjoyment out of your system by guiding you through its operation and maintenance, responding promptly and with pleasure when difficulties with operation arises or some repair or service is required.

Even with today´s top electronics devices that are designed for convenience, operation can be confusing at the first time until you become familiar with all their new features.

Showtime entire staff is made up of people who can elate to this situation and look forward to the opportunity to help you discover all of the possibilities of your new investment.

After all, each of our customer is at the top of his game, skill of profession. For them we have to be the "Pros" of lifestyle electronics design, installation and service. And surely, we do everything to be it.

We know that if we are successful in leaving you smiling with a new discovery, our family of customers and our business will always grow.